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Katerina HARVATI

Dept. of Palaeoanthropology | University of Tübingen
Presentation, “Testing Modern Human Out-of-Africa Dispersal Models Using Dental Non-Metric Data," Harvati et al.

Prof. Harvati is a paleoanthropologist specializing in Neanderthal evolution, modern human origins and the application of 3-D geometric morphometric methods to anthropology. Her broader research interests include primate and human evolution; evolutionary theory and the species question in the human fossil record; evolution of primate and human life-history; Pleistocene hominins; the relationship of morphological variability to genetics and environment; and Paleolithic archaeology. She has conducted fieldwork in Europe and Africa, and recently directed paleoanthropological fieldwork in Greece (Aliakmon Paleolithic/ Paleoanthropological Survey project) and Tanzania (Lake Manyara Paleoanthropological Fieldwork). Prof. Harvati has organized international symposia on Neanderthal evolution ("Neanderthals Revisited: New Approaches and Perspectives") and modern human origins ("Transition from archaic to modern: Quantitative approaches") (more about the conferences). Her edited volume of the articles presented at the "Neanderthals Revisited" conference was published by Springer in 2006. Her research is published, among other journals, in Nature, Science, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Evolutionary Anthropology, Journal of Human Evolution and American Journal of Physical Anthropology.