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Randall WHITE

Dept. of Anthropology and CIRHUS CNRS-NYU | New York University
Presentation: " Heat and light technologies in the Western European Aurignacian"

Randall White (Professor, Center for the Study of Human Origins, NYU) received his doctorate from the University of Toronto in 1980. He is a leading specialist in European Paleolithic art and personal ornamentation. He is also a world authority on the study of Aurignacian (40-28 ky BP) art, and in this capacity supervises multiple excavation sites in France. The author of more than 100 scientific publications, including Prehistoric Art: the Symbolic Journey of Humankind, (New York: Abrams 2003) andL’affaire de l’abri du Poisson: Patrie et préhistoire (Périgueux: Fanlac, 2006). White has also been instrumental in bringing to light and publishing important European Upper Paleolithic collections that were acquired early in this century by North American museums. He has received grants and awards from the National Science Foundation, the French Ministry of Culture, the J. S. Guggenheim Foundation and two Master Teacher awards from New York University. Most recently, he was awarded a three-year, $500,000 grant from the Partner University Fund for the project Aurignacian Genius: Art, daily life and social identity of the first modern humans in Europe, a series of student and researcher exchanges between New York University and the Université de Toulouse 2 - Le Mirail.