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Dept. of Archaeology | Simon Fraser University
Conference Monitor

Research Interest:

I’m interested in investigating how we became human. I draw on geoarchaeological and microarchaeological methods, such as micromorphology, FTIR spectroscopy and phytolith analysis, to answer questions about early Homo species and their interactions and adaptations to the environment around them.  

M.A. Research:

For my project, I am investigating evidence of early use of fire at Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa. I will be using FTIR spectroscopy to find quantitative methods of recognizing and interpreting burnt sediments and ashed material within micromorphological samples.

Honors Thesis:

 “Maya Pyrotechnology and Plaster: Integrating Micromorphology and Fourier- Transform Infrared Spectroscopy at Xultun and San Bartolo, Guatemala”