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The Proliferation of "Living With" Guides

Throughout the world “Living with” guides are appearing aimed at persons and families who are coming to terms with a new diagnosis. Often prepared by patient or disease advocacy associations, these guides focus on the mundane, everyday aspects of adjusting to, coping with and getting on with the challenges that living with a particular disease can bring in its wake. It is never ‘only’ an individual who lives with a chronic condition, so do family members, loved ones, friends and others. In recent decades living with disease has come to be understood in terms of its impact on daily living. As such, the treatment and management of such conditions as cancer, kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, schizophrenia, heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimer’s are increasingly about enabling the best possible daily living for those living with the disease. So much so that it now makes sense to speak of disease-specific kinds of living characterized by particular rhythms, disruptions, impairments and possibilities. What kinds of disability worlds are chronic diseases giving rise to?



Participant: Ayo WAHLBERG
Dept. of Anthropology | University of Copenhagen
Presentation, "Failing Biologies and Their Impairments"