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Birgitte Refslund Sorensen

Dept. of Anthropology | University of Copenhagen
Presentation: " Intimacy Circumscribed by War"

Primary Fields of Research

Regional specialization: South Asia (Sri Lanka) and Scandinavia (Denmark).

Thematic issues: Development, armed conflicts and social reconstruction, humanitarian assistance, education, citizenship, war veterans, policital culture, national identity.

The main focus of my research in Sri Lanka is social change in relation to planned development and armed political conflicts. Concrete themes include: a) the development of community and social cohesion within a infrastructure development project; b) internal refugees' struggles for social recognition and security in the context of armed conflict; c) women's roles and contributions to reconstruction- and peace processes; d) the role of the school for children's identity formation in a multi-ethnic society in conflict; e) the interaction of international humanitarian organisations and local NGOs and its impact on political culture.

The main focus of my research in Denmark is social and cultural changes in wake of Denmark's new  active foreign policy. Concrete themes include: a) memory practices and landscapes (monuments, parades, exhibitions, etc.); b) mobilization of social networks, associations and volunteers in order to support war veterans; c) militarization of society; d) social recognition as a social practice; e) the "veteran" as policy concept and social identity.