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Peace Negotiations and Social Protest

Supporters of Peace march in Bogotá. Photo published in Primicia Dario.

My research focuses on the southwestern department of Putumayo, where the internal armed conflict coincides with the cultivation of illegal crops due to the territory’s marginality. FARC guerrillas have been in the region since the 1980s and have established an alternative social order that competes with the central State. They have regulated the market for coca crops and the distribution of coca paste for the cocaine production. The region is emblematic for studying how militarism permeates daily life and molds people’s subjectivities, because the proceeds of drug trafficking have drawn paramilitary groups into the region hoping to seize the territory from the FARC and win control of trafficking. The Army has committed abuses against the civilian population in the context of the counterinsurgency war, accusing them of being guerrilla collaborators. The peace agreement will be implemented in this department and should lead to radical changes. I want to document the responses of local inhabitants accustomed to living among and submitting to occupying armed groups, and give them a way to communicate with an audience outside the region.


Dept. of Anthropology | Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History
Presentation: The Consolidation of Militarism in the Colombian Periphery in the Context of Counterinsurgency, Marginality, and Illegality