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Fight the Occupation

This poster, here in its English version, was produced by one of the biggest and oldest pro-peace organizations in Israel, Peace Now.  It reflects a very common ideological approach among Jewish Israeli leftist activists, which is “pro-Israel, anti-occupation”.  Taking a patriotic stance allows activists to garner more widespread support for their controversial message among the mainstream.  However, this approach often entails significant political and ethical entanglements that make it difficult for activists to maintain their intended balance between loyalty and dissent. Nationalism is so culturally entwined with the military, and militarism so prevalent in the nationalist discourse, that efforts to disentangle them are often extremely difficult to accomplish even for activists themselves.  As a result, activists often find their activities unintentionally contribute to the very militarism they seek to undermine.


Participant: Erica WEISS
Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology | Tel Aviv University
Presentation: The Dilemma of Nationalism for Anti-militarist Activism