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Scott ROSS

Dept. of Anthropology | George Washington University
Conference Monitor

I have spent most of my time studying conflict and intervention in east and central Africa, with a particular focus on the Lord’s Resistance Army conflict originating in Uganda. I  previously studied the justice and media aspects of this conflict, both through the lens of intervention. My current focus is on how communities have changed over the course of the conflict’s many iterations, with a focus on the internationalization of the conflict and U.S. military interventions in the region. Much of this research builds on my own history as an activist working on LRA issues through several U.S.-based non-profits. Prior to joining GW, I was a high school social studies teacher in Arizona and Connecticut.

My dissertation is tentatively about the establishment of Safe Reporting Sites in areas affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Foreign armies and NGOs have designated communities as places to which surrendering rebels can flee to be received, rehabilitated, and reintegrated. I am interested in exploring what happens to a community once it becomes a reporting site, and how community actors interact with aid workers, foreign soldiers, and returning rebels.

The LRA conflict has a long history of internationalization and intervention. The presence of the U.S. and Ugandan armies in South Sudan, Central African Republic, and Democratic Republic of the Congo is only the most recent stage in a conflict which has lasted nearly thirty years. Through studying the Safe Reporting Sites, I hope to shed light on intervention in general, and the Global War on Terror in Africa in particular, in addition to the ongoing changes in these communities.