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Anthropology and International Affairs | George Washington University
Symposium Co-Organizer

Dr. Gusterson’s research focuses on the interdisciplinary study of the conditions under which particular bodies of knowledge are formed and deployed, with special attention to the science of war, the military, and nuclear weapons. His research addresses the problem of how to understand knowledge as a cultural formation, and how to analyze the historical and structural transformations of science and technology. He asks questions such as: How do cultures of science initiate and shape participants? How can we critically assess universalist claims about scientific and military “truths?” How do scientists justify their complicity with the projects of nation-statets?


In this brief video tape (made by an accomplice of the protestor?) Medea Benjamin disrupts a speech by John Brennan, the CIA director at that time, at the Wilson Center in Washington DC.  Medea Benjamin founded Code Pink, a feminist antiwar group whose name satirizes the color-coded terror alert system introduced by the Bush Administration.