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What is it like when microbes and humans meet in high mountain pasture for the production of raw milk cheese?

Participant: Roberta RAFFAETA'
Faculty of Design & Art | Free U. of Bozen-Bolzano
Presentation: Microbial Antagonism in Trentino Alps (Italy). Negotiating Spacetimes through the Fermentation of Mountain Raw Milk

A frame filled with abstract browns zooms out to reveal a mottled lunar landscape, then another, then another; small terraria in white buckets against a stainless-steel sky. Anonymous, latex-gloved hands unwrap the last like a Christmas present – pulling back a grey linen cloth, they reveal a heavy, spackle-glazed stoneware plate, which they lift carefully out of the bucket followed by a layer of cling film.

Participant: Jamie LORIMER
School of Geography & the Environment | U. Oxford
Presentation: Taste shaping natures: Making novel miso with charismatic microbes and New Nordic fermenters in Copenhagen (with Joshua Evans)