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Janet Chernela

Dept. of Anthropology | University of Maryland

Janet Chernela is a social anthropologist who has conducted fieldwork amongthe indigenous people of Amazonia for over 35 years. She received her PhDwith honors from the Department of Anthropology at Columbia University (1983).She is presently Professor of Anthropology at the University of Maryland andformer member of the research faculty of Brazil's National Institute for AmazonianResearch (INPA). She is author of A Sense of Space: The Wanano Indians of theBrazilian Amazon, and numerous articles in American Anthropologist, EconomicBotany, National Geographic Research & Exploration, Conservation & Society,Anthropological Quarterly, and the Journal of Latin American and CaribbeanAnthropology. She recently completed four books of Amazonian myths inEnglish, Portuguese and Koiria, and is the founder of AMARN/Numia Kura, oneof the oldest ongoing indigenous associations in Brazil.