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Glenn Shephard Jr.

Ciencias Humanas | Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi

Glenn H. Shepard Jr. is an ethnobotanist, medical anthropologist and filmmakerwho has worked with indigenous peoples of Latin America, especially inAmazonia. He completed his doctorate in Medical Anthropology at the Universityof California at Berkeley (1999). Research interests include ethnobiology,medical anthropology, community resource management, visual anthropologyand the territorial rights of isolated peoples. Publications include researcharticles, commentary and reviews in Nature (1998, 2009), Science (2003),Science Advances (2016, in press), American Anthropologist (2004, 2012),Economic Botany (2008, 2011), Conservation Biology (2007), PLoS One (2015,2015) and the New York Review of Books (2014, 2015). His work has featured inNational Geographic, The New Yorker, and as producer in the Emmy-Awardwinningdocumentary, Spirits of the Rainforest, as well as Zapatista Memories.He is currently a staff researcher in the Human Sciences Division at the GoeldiMuseum in Belém, Brazil. He blogs at Notes from the Ethnoground(