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Publicity Poster from Hong Kong Information Services

publicity posterExhibit:  Hong Kong Government Information Services publicity poster

Hong Kong is notable for having rapidly transformed from widespread corruption to clean government after the formation of the Independent Commission Against Corruption in 1974.  Previous anti-corruption efforts had been less effective.  One of them was the placing of advertisements in English and Chinese newspapers before Christmas and Chinese New Year encouraging the public not to offer gifts to government officers.  The English advertisement reproduced here was used in multiple years from about 1957 to at least 1967.  An important element of the ending of widespread corruption after 1974 was the precise setting of the maximum value of gifts that could be received by government officers from different kinds of relatives and friends on particular kinds of occasions, such as Chinese New Year or a wedding.  Source: HKRS 160-5-4, a document in the Hong Kong Public Records Office.


Participant: Alan SMART
Dept. of Anthropology | University of Calgary
Presentation: "Formalization and Less Risky Corruption"