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Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology | Ohio University
Presentation: "Cynical Parody and Investigative Journalism As a Powerful Anti-Corruption Discourse in Albania"


Ph.D.: New School for Social Research, 2012 

Scholarly Interests

Anthropology of Money and Value; Cash Economies; Bubbles and Crashes; Postsocialist Transformations; Corruption and the Rule of Law; Speculation in Construction; Southeast Europe; Albania


Since 2002, the satirical investigative television show, Fiks Fare [Right On!/Exactly] [pronounced feeks far-eh], airs immediately after prime-time news at Top Channel, the leading national broadcasting network in Albania. Fiks Fare! conducts sting operations and citizen-led investigations providing visual evidence of the ubiquitous allegations of corruption in contemporary Albania. Fiks Fare!’s cameras have exposed a wide range of illicit transactions—from daily interactions with low-level bureaucrats to backroom deals between high-level officials.