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Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology | Concordia University
Presentation: "The Aftermath of Transparency"

Dr. Kregg Hetherington is a political anthropologist specialized in environment and infrastructure, the bureaucratic state and international development in Latin America.  He has written extensively about how small farmers caught in a sweeping agrarian transition in Paraguay have experienced that country's halting transition to democracy, showing how activists create new ways of thinking and practicing government. His book, Guerrilla Auditors, is an ethnography of peasant land struggles in Paraguay, and of how rural thinking about property and information come into conflict with bureaucratic reform projects promoted by international experts. His current research focuses on regulation in the soybean boom in Latin America's southern cone is transforming the relationship between states, plants, people and territory. At Concordia he leads a research group on Infrastructure and Environment that brings together scholars working on a variety of intersections between these two key terms, including agrarian and energy transitions.

At the undergraduate level, Kregg teaches anthropological theory, post-humanism and environment, the anthropology of science and technology, and ethnographic writing.

Kregg supervises graduate students working in a wide range of areas, including environment and food politics, and ethnography of the state. He is currently looking for students interested in researching energy infrastructure in Quebec and Canada.


This installation by Paraguayan artist Adriana González Brun was first shown in 1999 at the Mercosur Biennale as part of a series called Basura/Información (Garbage/Information).