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School of Anthropology & Conservation | University of Kent
Presentation: "Legal but Illegitimate Governance: Corrupting Ideology Amongst Italian Breaches of the Democratic Contract"

Dr Italo Pardo, currently an Honorary Reader in Social Anthropology, was trained in Sociology at the University of Naples (1980, Laurea cum laude) and in Social Anthropology at the University of London (1983 MSc, 1988 PhD).

Dr Pardo has engaged in major disciplinary and interdisciplinary discussion through chairing sessions and presenting numerous papers at international symposia and seminars. He has stimulated debate on mainstream issues in contemporary social theory convening and organizing interdisciplinary seminars, round tables and conferences in Britain and Italy on informality, legitimacy and governance and urban issues. He has conducted historical research (also through archival work), extended field research in urban and rural England and Italy and comparative projects in collaboration with fellow anthropologists and with specialists in other disciplines. Research interests include work, morality and thought, legitimacy and governance, organization, power, hunting with hounds. Since 1990, he has carried out research among the Italian elites and is currently engaged in a research project on semi-legality and illegality.

Italo Pardo’s research output is testified by extensive peer-reviewed publications. Since 1981, his work has appeared in sociological and anthropological journals of international standing. He has authored anthropological monographs and several edited volumes and has published articles and comments in quality papers and periodicals. 

Recent activity: Between 2007 and 2013 Dr Pardo edited (with Dr Giuliana B. Prato) the Ashgate Series ‘Urban Anthropology’. He now co-edits (with Dr Prato) the Series ‘Palgrave Studies in Urban Anthropology’. In November 2011 launched the online peer-reviewed journal URBANITIES, International Journal of Urban Anthropology and Ethnography, which he now co-edits with Prof. Jerome Krase. In 2015 he promoted the foundation of the non-profit association "International Urban Symposium - IUS", and serves as the elected President of the IUS.