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Anu (Aradhana) SHARMA

Dept. of Anthropology | Wesleyan University
Presentation: "Sweeping the System, the State, and the Soul: The Technomoral Politics of Corruption in India"

A political anthropologist interested in the state, democratic governance, citizenship, social movements, NGOs, gender, and activism, Professor Sharma has conducted extensive fieldwork in India. From women's empowerment programs intended to transform gender relations to transparency and anticorruption legislation that enables people to question the state, Sharma studies the social life, dynamics, and impact of initiatives that seek to "empower" citizens. These empowerment initiatives function as spaces of encounter, bringing together social movement activists, NGOs, ordinary citizens, and state officials in complex negotiations with each other; they are the key actors in Sharma's work.

In a 2015 collaborative article published in the American Ethnologist, Sharma describes the "technomoral politics" of NGO, 

Topics is part of a growing trend of civil society-based efforts to tackle corruption by documenting and exposing it. This website is full of stories about people’s daily encounters with governmental corruption in India—bribes paid or not for obtaining passports or birth certificates, for example.