Post-Ph.D. Research Grants

Post-Ph.D. Research Grants for up to $20,000 are awarded to individuals holding a Ph.D. or equivalent degree to support individual research projects. Applicants must be engaged in research that contributes to anthropological knowledge. Applicants of any nationality or country of residence may apply.

Post-Ph.D. Research Grants are awarded to individuals holding a Ph.D. or equivalent degree to support individual research projects. The program contributes to the Foundation's overall mission to support basic research in anthropology and to ensure that the discipline continues to be a source of vibrant and significant work that furthers our understanding of humanity's cultural and biological origins, development, and variation.

Does the Post-Ph.D. grant support pilot projects?

In some cases, when a research project can be demonstrated to have significant potential, and the pilot project is intrinsic to its feasibility, the foundation may support a pilot project. The proposed research should stand on its own and have a clear identifiable goal. For example initial or exploratory trips to the field would normally not be considered viable.

Can I apply for a particular phase of a project?

You can apply for funding towards a particular phase of your research. If it is a beginning stage it must be clear that the funded phase will stand alone as a project with clear goals. If you have already begun the research, you should make clear for which phase support is requested and how it relates to previously completed research. You can also apply for distinct phases of a project (e.g. research planned to take place over two consecutive summers). Funds are never awarded for research after its completion.

Can I apply if I am working as part of a team?

Yes, but your proposed research must stand alone and be viable as a discrete project. You cannot include expenses for salary or expenses that are not related to your individual project.

I am working with a colleague, can we both apply?

Applicants can apply for a Post-Ph.D. Research Grant with another Researcher/Collaborator, but one applicant must be the Principle Investigator with primary responsibility for reporting on the grant. The other applicant should be listed under “Other Project Personnel” in the application. When you submit your application onlne, THE FOUNDATION ONLY REQUIRES THE CV FOR THE PRINCIPLE INVESTIGATOR LISTED ON THE APPLICATION. You can add more about the other collaborators and their roles and experience in the project description questions and particularly in Questions 3 and 4.

Can the Post-Ph.D. grant be used to cover salary costs?

No, salary requests while on leave are ineligible, as are any form of institutional overheads or fringe benefits. The grant covers research and field expenses only. This can include living expenses and other costs while doing your research. Please read the budgetary guidelines for further information.

My institution requires I apply through them, can I still apply for an individual research project?

Yes. You will be listed as the applicant as we only make grants to individuals under this program.  Should your application be approved, you can request that the payment be made through your institution.  We still consider you as the grantee however, and you remain responsible for the grant agreement and reporting requirements.

I need support for writing and some research, should I apply for a Post-Ph.D grant or a Hunt Fellowship?

The Post-Ph.D. grant is NOT for writing. If you are starting a new research project, or have a significant amount of research left to complete on a project (for example a full phase that will take more than three months) you should apply for the Post-Ph.D. grant. If you wish to write up already completed research you may be eligible to apply for the