Can I use some or all of the stipend to cover the costs of covering my teaching load?

The intention of the award is to allow you the freedom to devote 100% of your time to writing. You may use the award in whatever way that allows you to do this. However, it is Foundation policy that Institutional Overhed is not generally covered under this fellowship.

I have finished the research, but have some follow-up work to do? Can I apply?

If you have a small amount of research to do along with the writing, such as updating some data, or follow-up interviews for a specific chapter, you can include this in your proposal. It should last no more than a quarter of the total fellowship period requested, and it should not significantly alter the shape of your proposal. You should be clear as to why this research component is necessary and what it entails, as well as what clarifying what  research is already completed.

Does the Hunt Fellowship only cover the writing of research completed for my dissertation?

No. You can apply for the Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship for the development and writing-up of any completed research.

Can I apply for a Hunt Fellowship before completing the Ph.D?

You must have your Ph.D. in hand to apply. This way you can incorporate the comments and suggestions you received during your dissertation defense into the proposed development of your project.

What are the success rates for the Hunt Fellowship?

The Wenner-Gren Foundation receives over 100 Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship applications and normally awards eight grants annually. Unsuccessful applications can only be resubmitted twice.  A more detailed breakdown of various programs' success rates can be found in the Foundation's Annual Report.

Must I be affiliated with an anthropology department to apply for a Hunt Fellowship?

No. You can apply regardless of your departmental or professional affiliation. However, funding decisions are made on the basis of the potential of the project to make a significant contribution to the field of theoretical anthropology. You must clearly demonstrate this potential in your application and also show a good knowledge of the relevant anthropological literature. It is not sufficient to merely use anthropological techniques (e.g. participant observation) to carry out research in your own disciplinary area or to carry out research in a non-western setting.

Does the Post-Ph.D. grant support pilot projects?

In some cases, when a research project can be demonstrated to have significant potential, and the pilot project is intrinsic to its feasibility, the foundation may support a pilot project. The proposed research should stand on its own and have a clear identifiable goal. For example initial or exploratory trips to the field would normally not be considered viable.

Can I apply for a particular phase of a project?

You can apply for funding towards a particular phase of your research. If it is a beginning stage it must be clear that the funded phase will stand alone as a project with clear goals. If you have already begun the research, you should make clear for which phase support is requested and how it relates to previously completed research. You can also apply for distinct phases of a project (e.g. research planned to take place over two consecutive summers). Funds are never awarded for research after its completion.

Can I apply if I am working as part of a team?

Yes, but your proposed research must stand alone and be viable as a discrete project. You cannot include expenses for salary or expenses that are not related to your individual project.