Can I apply for funds to organize my collection now, but not archive it right away?

No. All materials being prepared for archival deposit with HAP funding must be deposited with the intended repository by the project end date, as stipulated in the HAP grant agreement.

Where do I submit requests for permission to reprint articles from Current Anthropology?

All permissions for reprinting articles from Current Anthropology are handled by the University of Chicago Press.  Please direct your request to:

Permissions Editor
Contracts & Rights
University of Chicago Press
5801 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, IL  60637

FAX: 773-753-0811

I'm not a "senior scholar," but have materials I would like to archive. Can I apply to the HAP?

Unfortunately, no.  The Historical Archives Program has limited resources and must restrict its funding to preserving those research materials that are most at-risk: namely, personal research collections at the end of the researcher's career.

Does the Historical Archives Program fund cultural documentation?

No. The Historical Archives Program is meant to encourage the preservation of materials of value for discipline history, which means the materials in question must have served as the basis for deeper anthropological inquiry that would only become evident over the course of a researcher's academic career. The Historical Archives Program therefore limits support to assisting senior scholars (or their heirs) with the expense of preparing personal research materials for archival deposit.

Can I Apply for HAP Funding on behalf of someone else?

Yes. Individuals may apply for an Historical Archives grant on behalf of senior scholars or their heirs, but must submit a written statement by said individuals authorizing their application.

My paper has been accepted at a conference but I do not have the funds to attend, can I apply for a conference grant?

The Wenner-Gren Foundation DOES NOT provide funds to individuals to travel to conferences, even if they have been invited to present a paper. All conference and workshop grants are made to the organizers of the event, who then use this money to fund their list of partcipants. If you are hoping to attend a conference or present a paper, either internationally or within you own country, the Foundation will not be able to assist you.

Must researchers be together in the field?

Normally, we expect the applicant and co-applicant(s) to work together at the research site, but other patterns of collaboration can be considered and should be addressed in the preliminary inquiry.

Must all applicants have a Ph.D to apply for an International Collaborative Research Grant?

Usually yes. But in some cases "equivalent experience" can substitute for the doctorate, and applicants must make the case for this exception in their application.

Do both ICRG applicants have to be anthropologists?

No. As long as the research questions are anthropological, the program encourages collaborations with related disciplines where the project goals require it.

How many publications do you require?

The award is for you to develop your thinking and write-up results for scholarly publications. You may have one full length article you wish to submit and require a few months for the fellowship, or a series of articles or a full book manuscript. What is important is that you are realistic about how much you can do in the requested time period.