Are Wenner-Gren Grants or Fellowships taxable?

Below is information on US tax issues and the Foundation's tax reporting requirements.  Please note that Wenner-Gren Foundation grants and fellowships are "non-service" payments and do not represent compensation for past, present, or future services.

I. Non-US Persons

May I apply for more than one grant per deadline, or can I hold two grants at the same time?

Occasionally, an applicant may have a Conference application and another program application pending at the same time. You cannot apply for two grants at the same time (such as a Hunt Fellowship and a Post-Ph.D. grant), nor have two formal applications pending at the same time. Normally, you must have completed any previous grant awarded to you by the Foundation before submitting a new application.

I am in a Masters program can I apply for any funding from Wenner-Gren?

The Foundation does not have any support available for research or tuition for students who are enrolled in Masters programs in anthropology or related disciplines.