Are Wenner-Gren Grants or Fellowships taxable?

Below is information on US tax issues and the Foundation's tax reporting requirements.  Please note that Wenner-Gren Foundation grants and fellowships are "non-service" payments and do not represent compensation for past, present, or future services.

I. Non-US Persons

May I apply for more than one grant per deadline, or can I hold two grants at the same time?

Occasionally, an applicant may have a Conference application and another program application pending at the same time. You cannot apply for two grants at the same time (such as a Hunt Fellowship and a Post-Ph.D. grant), nor have two formal applications pending at the same time. Normally, you must have completed any previous grant awarded to you by the Foundation before submitting a new application.

I am in a Masters program can I apply for any funding from Wenner-Gren?

The Foundation does not have any support available for research or tuition for students who are enrolled in Masters programs in anthropology or related disciplines.

I want to study anthropology; can Wenner-Gren help?

The Foundation provides no scholarship or tuition support for students unless you are resident in a country where anthropology is underrepresented and want to study at an institution that can provide international-level training in anthropology. If this is the case you may be eligible to apply for the Wadsworth International Fellowship or the Wadsworth African Fellowship. The Foundation does not support any studies at the masters or undergraduate level.

My project does not fit into Wenner-Gren's programs. Will you consider funding it?

The Foundation's priority is the development of anthropology and its contribution to the social sciences and academic knowledge. The Foundation does not encourage unsolicited proposals for funding. However, the president may consider special requests for funding but only very rarely, when the proposal could make a significant contribution to the discipline and is in-line with the Foundation's mission.

Who can apply for Wenner-Gren funding?

Different grant programs have different requirements. In most cases, grant programs are open to all applicants regardless of nationality and country of residence. You should consult the individual program pages  for details of each program. The Grantees section of the website also provides information on grants awarded.

What is the Wenner-Gren Foundation?

The Wenner-Gren Foundation seeks to further the discipline of anthropology through its different grant making programs and other activities. Programs are designed to support basic, innovative research in all branches of anthropology worldwide and to further the communication of research ideas and results internationally through our conferences, publications, and other activities.

What projects are NOT normally funded by the Foundation?

Requests for translation, photography and filmmaking (not related to an academic research project), publication assistance, and support for institutions or non-governmental (NGO) projects lie outside of the Foundation's remit and are not considered for funding.

Please also note the following:

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