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The Wenner-Gren Foundation is committed to playing a leadership role in anthropology.   We help anthropologists advance anthropological knowledge, build sustainable careers, and amplify the impact of anthropology within the wider world. We dedicate ourselves to broadening the conversation in anthropology to reflect the full diversity of the field.

"The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences." – Ruth Benedict

Wenner-Gren LogoThe Wenner-Gren Foundation is announcing a paid fellowship opportunity for an individual with an advanced degree in anthropology to participate in the administration of the Foundation’s Conference Program.  Click here to see the details of fellowship program and how to apply.  The Foundation is accepting applications through Ziprecruiter,

film stillThe Wenner-Gren Foundation is excited to share the trailer and blog post from Vanessa Wijngaarden who in 2017 received a Fejos Postdoctoral Fellowship to aid filmmaking on Meeting ‘the Other’ In Maasailand: How We See Them, How They See Us.

StatueOn Thursday, July 23rd, the Wenner-Gren Foundation and SAPIENS in collaboration with the Society of Black Archaeologists and the Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies, hosted “As the Statues Fall: A Conversation about Monuments and the Power of Memory”. Watch it now!

Welcome back to our series on the future of anthropology. For the second session, we spoke with biological anthropologists and archaeologists from different countries and traditions.  In the following posts, they reflect on the current moment and what it means for the future of the field. Be sure to check out the first installment in the series here.

In the following weeks, we’ll be publishing brief blog pieces from the scholars who are taking part in the discussion about the future of anthropology in the age of COVID-19. For the first session, we spoke with sociocultural anthropologists from different countries and traditions of anthropology with deep experience training students.

Webinar PosterOn Wednesday, June 17, the Wenner-Gren Foundation and SAPIENS joined forces to share excerpts from four critically significant and deeply relevant books and a conversation with the authors on how their work speaks to our times.  We were delighted to have an opportunity to introduce to a broad audience some of the most important and provocative thinkers working in our field. Watch the webinar here.

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